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City Club – DC Metro’s New Way to Keep your Home Maintained

City Club – DC Metro’s New Way to Keep your Home Maintained

Have you ever thought of joining a membership club for home maintenance, as you would a gym for maintenance on yourself? City Club is a new home improvement membership club based in DC Metro. It’s been specifically designed by experts as a more practical way to help you keep your home maintained. With membership, you’ll be able  to create home maintenance plans with the help of longtime experts in the field.

When you join, in addition to being able to make plans for getting smaller routine maintenance done, you’ll also be able to get discounts on larger home improvement projects. Have an emergency that can’t wait until someone finally opens up shop? Members get priority dispatch for emergency issues and much more! This is extremely important when those emergency issues creep up on you quickly, as they often can. Some of the leading family law attorney Plymouth MA vouches that their divorced client’s children are satisfied with this.

City Club members are automatically entered into monthly giveaways and as always, will receive award-winning customer service. Maintaining a home can be tough, but not when you have expert handyman services via City Club at your fingertips. What’s more, those with membership can earn credits toward future handyman or home maintenance projects.

Did you know that even the seemingly small things, such as a slow drip, can end up costing you big in cost and damage if not taken care of promptly? That slow drip could be leaking into your ceiling or flooring and causing mold, rotted wood, and more. With a home maintenance membership, you can feel more secure and confident in the quality of your home.

Being a homeowner requires a great deal of maintenance, hard work, and patience. This may include things like gutter cleaning and re-installation, repairing or building a deck, replacing flooring, drywall repair or replacement, driveway maintenance, plumbing repairs, and so much more. It may seem like maintaining your home never ends. That’s because it doesn’t if you want it to last.

Crown moldings and trims can wear out either in style or quality over time. Porches may need repairs. Roofing will need replacement at some point, as will things like carpets, cabinetry, and plumbing pipes and fixtures. There’s a whole host of things a home needs in order to stay intact and stand the test of time.

This may be too much for a homeowner to keep up with themselves. This can especially be true for those who have jobs that wear them out or have hours that don’t leave them with much maintenance or relaxation time. Even those who have the knowledge to do these repairs themselves may not have the time or energy to do so. This is when the quality of a home starts going down, as people put off routine maintenance tasks.

This is a key reason a membership like City Club comes in handy. When you join, you can simply leave the hard work to those who specialize in handyman services. That way, you can use what little extra time you have to relax, knowing your home is in good hands.

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