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What is Boat Waxing?

What is Boat Waxing?

A fresh coat of wax does more than keeping your boat looking its best; it also provides valuable protection. Having a professional perform the waxing ensures that the job is thorough and effective.

Boats are subjected to many rough elements, and wax protects the finish from sun exposure, saltwater, and even algae build-up. Regardless of the material your boat is made from, such as metal, fiberglass, or gelcoat, it will benefit from regular applications of wax.

The water your boat cuts through so seamlessly is full of debris that can break down its finish. Sun exposure can cause the colors to fade and oxidize. Without wax, your boat will age prematurely. Waxing can save you money in the long run due to its protective abilities.

The process of waxing your boat is more intensive than you may expect. There is some preparation work that has to take place before the boat is waxed.

The first step is sanding down the surface. This removes the previous coat of wax. A follow-up with a power washer cleans off any remaining debris. Once the boat is sanded and power washed, the finish will be smooth and ready for a fresh application of wax.

The wax application itself requires lots of elbow grease or a professional buffer. Having a professional power buffer will yield a more consistent finish. Ideally you’ll need a covered garage and adequate space to get underneath the boat as well.

Working with a professional to have your boat waxed also ensures that it will have a regularly scheduled service check. Having someone experienced look over the vessel regularly helps ensure that any problems are recognized and dealt with before creating significant damage.

A boat that is regularly waxed will maintain its surface integrity as well as its appearance. Resale is always a consideration with boats, and performing regular maintenance helps ensure that your boat will retain excellent resale value.

Caring for a boat is hard work, but it is worth the labor. Having a safe and structurally sound boat is important not only for your enjoyment but for your safety as well. The frequency of waxing depends on many things. How often you take it out and the conditions when you do will affect how long the wax retains its protective abilities. Boat Butler, a professional boat specialist, says, “a general guide is to expect your boat to need a fresh coat of wax, which includes sanding and power washing, at least twice a season.”

You can extend the time between applications of wax by performing regular cleanings yourself. Spraying the vessel with fresh water is one way to prevent algae and salt from building up. Use marine soap to clean before rinsing when you have a little extra time or experience particularly rough conditions. This will cut through grease and be more effective at removing other debris. By taking the time to keep your boat clean between waxings, you can make each application last longer and keep your boat looking and performing its best.

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