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Why you should be respectful of your ex after the divorce?

Why you should be respectful of your ex after the divorce?

The divorce rate is increasing all over the world and it shows no signs of slowing down. Most of the divorces involve a nasty and often unnecessary legal battle for money, properties, and custody of the children. For all of this, it is very important to find common ground and reach a settlement that is fair for both. Some are able to settle in a civil manner with uncontested divorce. No matter what happened, and especially if there are children involved, to have mutual respect for one another would help you to move on quicker and be happier.


It is very important to not only think about the reasons you have divorced but also about the reason you got married in the first place. Even if there is no more love there, there surely was at some point and that should never be forgotten. It is easier said than done but even if the other person hurt you, showing respect for your ex will be more beneficial to you that to them. We cannot change what happened or why but we can gracefully be above it by deciding not to engage in a harmful cycle of offensive words and actions. It is crucial to remember as well, that all the time you spend with your spouse, cannot be erased and the friends and places you met together, will still be part of your life or at least most of them. Accepting you cannot change the past but you can shape the way you act and even after time, the way you feel, will make your life better in the least amount of time.


To start a legal dispute will cause you a waste of time and money that you could be used in something else. If it is not necessary, why would you try to destroy your ex-spouse? If you think about it thoroughly, the only thing you will get out of that is a false sense of power and momentaneous satisfaction that will go away leaving you even sadder, lonelier and with considerably fewer savings than before. You will not be proving you were right or that you deserve it and it will cause you to take forever to close that chapter in your life and start a better one. Do not mistake my words, if you need to fight, you fight with all you got, I am just say do not be the one who starts it and try to avoid it as much as possible.


It is easier to focus in the past because for the better or worse, it is a place we know but the future can be much brighter. Start planning your future projects, no matter how big or small they are, they are yours and now you can dedicate them more time and effort. You have a whole new world to discover within yourself.

Lastly, remember to release any grudges and concentrate on what life has for you next which will be surely better.

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