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3 Great New Kitchen Organization Products

Planning a kitchen makeover, but don’t have the budget for a full remodel? These three hot new kitchen organization products can help you get your kitchen better organized for only a few hundred dollars.

Rev-A-Shelf’s Under-Sink Pullout U-shape Basket with Soft-Close


It’s just a fact that under-sink cabinets can be hard to maximize as far as storage space is concerned. But this U-shaped slider from Rev-A-Shelf will help you fit around under-sink plumping that otherwise would be an inconvenience. Its heavy-gauge chrome wire design makes it durable against the leaks and drips that could occur in the future. The U-shaped basket has full extension soft-close slides, and can be bottom- or side-mounted

Starting around $240, but can be found on sale for less. More information from Rev-A-Shelf.


Glideware Pull-Out Cookware Storage


Need a better way to organize your pots and pans? Glideware now offers a pull-out cookware storage system that mounts to the top of any typical base cabinet. The system arrays your pots, pans and associated lids on a single extending rack which has adjustable hooks. The hooks can even be adjusted without the use of a screwdriver! For smooth operation, it has dual glides on ball bearings.  Now your pans no longer risk of getting scratched, and no more digging to get the one you really want!

This storage system, MADE IN THE USA, is available for about $200. More information available from


Jtech Solutions’ Docking Drawer SLIM USB

Ever find your countertops covered with your charging phones and other devices in your way? Jtech Solutions has created an innovative solution that can be installed in the back of an existing drawer. Just plug it in and power up to up to four devices at a time. This way you can have them stashed away out of sight, but you have handy access to them while they are still charging.

Starting around $200. MADE IN THE USA. More information from Docking Drawer.

Thanks to This Old House for featuring these three products in their TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products 2014 series! Hopefully, one or more of them can help you better organize your kitchen!

(DISCLAIMER: These products are shared simply for informational purposes. We did not receive any compensation for sharing these products with you.)

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