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Free 1 Hour Interior Energy and Moisture Audit

When it comes to saving on heating costs, many people will tell you about the importance of tight windows. Oftentimes, when people are looking to save money on energy, they are often recommended to have energy audits of their homes. This is a good idea, but not only for energy reasons. Infrared inspections can also detect moisture or mold issues within your walls!

Drafty windows can cause you to lose up to 25 percent of your home’s heat, so properly identified, it’s easy enough to fix these drafts which could save you thousands in heating costs.

Plus, infrared inspections additionally help you discover any moisture leaks or mold from leaky plumbing. Not only could there be unseen damage if there’s moisture or mold, but also the air quality of your home could also be adversely affected, as well.

While infrared inspections are fairly affordable, City Renovations currently has the best offer in town. Right now, City Renovations is offering a Free 1 Hour Interior Energy and Moisture Audit using our FLIR Infrared camera.

To learn more about these kinds services, visit our infrared inspection services page.

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