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Luxury Tubs for your Master Bathroom

Luxury Tubs for your Master Bathroom

To make your master bathroom a complete haven of relaxation, you need to get a luxury tub. There are plenty of options for the direction you can go in with this kind of purchase, so it has to fit your personal style as well as being a great tub. You can look around on online shopping sites as well as gathering inspiration on sites like Pinterest, and you will see that there are so many different designs out there. When looking for your dream tub, keep these things in mind to guide you towards the right choice for you.

Sunken or Level Tubs

This is one of the last words in luxury, and people really love to have them in their homes. A tub which is sunk into the floor gives you the impression of lying in a deep pool to relax. It looks great in the bathroom, as well as offering something really different to the usual options. You can also build up an area around the bath so that it becomes level with the surrounding area, if you do not have the ability to sink it into the floor. This will help for second or first floor bathrooms, for example.

Sinking Tubs

Not to be confused with the entry above, a sinking tub is all about dipping yourself into the water right down to your chin. This kind of tub is taller than it is wide, and you will need a set of steps to get into it. Having a wooden design makes you feel like you are in a Nordic spa, and can be very relaxing and refreshing. You can also get a wooden board to go across the top of the bath, so that you can rest something on top of it; like candles, a book, or a glass of wine.

Different Textures and Patterns

The tub doesn’t have to be a different shape to normal in order to be luxurious. You can go for the most traditional shape and still make it exciting by adding different textures. Mosaic stones are a great touch, or you can even use pieces of glass or mirror to create a dazzling effect. How about a bath with a crocodile skin layer around the outside for a fantastic new texture? Or a painted bath in a fun pattern, like cow print for example?

Claw foot Tubs

Of course, the traditional luxury bath has a claw foot design. This makes it look really fantastic, especially if the feet are really ornate or are made out of gold or silver. This gives you an impression of decadence, and of antique luxury. You can pair it with a white porcelain tub for the strongest effect. You can even get a tub which features gold plating round the outside if this appeals more to you! That really speaks of opulence and great wealth, and will impress any guest who happens to use your bathroom during their visit to you.

Don’t forget to inform your Homeowners Insurance company, if the work involved remodeling.

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