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The Most Practical Kitchen Designs to Install in Your Kitchen

The Most Practical Kitchen Designs to Install in Your Kitchen

As much as it is possible, you’d want the kitchen area in your home to be useful, practical and elegant, all at the exact same time. Making a personalized kitchen design comes along with the gratitude that your kitchen stands apart and suits the owner’s goal and purpose. However, there are things you need to know when shaping a new kitchen design or modernizing an existing one. Other than the furniture you are going to install, the light fittings, and their color, you have to settle on your favorite design.

To help you in this, we will take a look at some of the best basic kitchen design types


Single Line Kitchen

This design is suggested for narrow rooms. It creates an I-shaped kitchen that results in a broader area, as you would need to walk between the ends of your kitchen. To add this design to your kitchen, you should simply have the sink positioned between the fridge and the stove. Furthermore, you should install the fridge in such a way for its door to open in the opposite direction of the sink.

L-Shaped Kitchen

A quite popular kitchen design, L-shaped kitchens allow for a decent traffic circulation. This design is suggested for family kitchens or for a guests entertainment area as the dining table and the seats can be added together. When installing this kitchen design, a food preparation area should separate the sink, the fridge and the stove.

Double L-Shaped Kitchen

This design lets you make room for a lot of cupboard space and counter-top areas. It is usually used for huge kitchens with more than one cook. The issue that might come up with this design is that it may have two or more entrance areas; hence, it might cause problems in traffic circulation. This problem, however, might be resolved by installing two separate cooking spots on each L-side of the kitchen.

This type of kitchen is ideal for Virtual Offices ; perfect for those like mom bloggers or any home based professional who need a professional mailing address.

Galley Kitchen

Due to its practicability in space usage, this design is frequently installed in flats or homes with limited space. Space efficiency is the key reason why this design is recommended by many expert chefs. For easy traffic and working circulation, the cupboards and home appliances can be positioned on the opposite wall. However, it should be installed in such a way that the cooking and cleaning areas are on a single side to prevent accidents. Just like that, hot pans should be positioned between the cook top and the kitchen sink.

G-Shaped Kitchen

It provides a fourth wall; a G-shaped kitchen design is also suggested if you have one or more cooks in your home. Furthermore, the fourth wall might be used for a counter-top, island, and space for storage.

U-Shaped Kitchen

This design has a three-wall space, creating short distances around your kitchen, which makes it a great cooking area. Practically, it offers a decent worktop and space for storage.

Island Kitchen

It’s another popular design as it lets you entertain and communicate with your guests while preparing food. Thus, it’s the perfect layout if you want to use it for entertainment.

Installing the kitchen design that you want requires a lot of thinking and smart decision-making. It’s essential that you equip your ideas with profound knowledge in kitchen design, much like these basic design types.

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