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Things you need to have in your home office to be more productive

Things you need to have in your home office to be more productive

Workload nowadays goes beyond what we can do in our workplace and we often need to take some of it to our homes. For this, it is better to have a separate area where you don’t interfere with your family and they don’t interrupt you when you need to be concentrated. A home office gives you the privacy you need to get your work done. There are basic things all home offices have like a computer, a comfortable chair, and good lighting but there are also other things not so obvious that will make your extra hours working at home not so hideous and boring and even more creative and productive.

Important pictures

When we work for long hours, it is very important to keep ourselves motivated. Having pictures of our friends, family, and goals it’s a very easy way to do so. You can have your family portraits in picture frames of hanging from the ceiling but make sure you can see them every time you look up. Reminding yourself why you are working so much will make you continue until you finish and be more efficient.


There are very few things as relaxing and motivating as music. This will also keep your focus and unaware of any distractions outside your office. Treat yourself with a great sound system or headphones and let music open your creativity. You can use your computer or phone and create a playlist of your favorite music to work. Have this device close and ready so you just need to turn it on and disconnect from the work.


Studies have shown that having plants in your office increases productivity. Plants make the office look more alive and just looking at them can be very relaxing. Get a small plant you can place in your desk and when you have a few minutes, water it, talk to it or just smell their scent. It sounds a bit crazy but it helps when you are stressed and have many hours ahead.

Working from home is a must sometimes but never forget that time with your family is more important and extra work should be limited to just some days a week. You wouldn’t want to miss important moments in their lives for being behind a desk. Also, you must let your family know about your work schedule, what you need to accomplish and when you will be available for them. By just informing them of this, they will have a better idea of why you work so much and that they are they matter to you the most but you need some time at the moment to finish what you started. They will learn as well to have better boundaries and wait until you are done to spend some time with you. They need to rely on so you ought to stick to the time you have promised them and focus only on them during that time.

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