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New ways to decorate your Christmas tree

New ways to decorate your Christmas tree

Christmas is the most important celebration around the world and its most significant symbol is the Christmas tree. The traditional tree is green and decorated with Christmas related ornaments. Nowadays they come in many varieties of colors and even shapes and decorations can include family pictures to action figures. There are no limits on what you can add to your tree. A mix of tradition and innovation would be perfect to celebrate this lovely holiday. Saying this, there are some basic elements every Christmas tree should have.


Christmas trees are meant to light up the house so people often use rolls of led, globe or bubble light for this. Pick the style that goes better with you. You should get as many as necessary to cover all the trees but be careful to not overdo it. The more traditional decoration uses only white lights that go on and off but there are now lights with multiple colors and even music. You can choose the music that is played and the rhythm of the lights. If you don’t want music, you can always turn it off. Match the color of the lights with your home decoration is now possible as well and they can also show your creativity.


The Christmas classic ornaments are in the shapes of snowflakes, candy canes, reindeer, Santa Claus, among others. Now, there are many other options to choose from which make Christmas trees more personal and unique. You don’t need to limit yourself when adding any kind of ornaments that you like and feel they go with your personality and house decoration. You can even create your ornaments. You can make them using paper, recycled materials, paint and have it as a family project where all members can get involved.


The tree garlands go around all the tree and they can come in different colors. The most traditional colors are red and gold but you not necessarily need to follow that trend. As with the lights, there are many colors to choose from and there are now also other types of materials, they don’t have to be the glittery ones our mom puts every year. They can be made of plastic, paper or fabric. And also as the ornaments, they can be made at home and save some money with that.


The most important thing at Christmas is to be thankful for what you received and for what you overcame throughout the year. Including these features in your Christmas tree could be a nice reminder to you and all the people around you. Decorate your Christmas tree with whatever that makes you feel good. If for you feeling good is to have a traditional looking tree or decorate it with pictures of your favorite celebrities, what matters is that you make it your own and that it has some value for you and not just a decorative object in your home.

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