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How to Tell when a Maple Tree is Dead

How to Tell when a Maple Tree is Dead

Maple trees are very useful. People make many kinds of products out of them. People make guitars, tables, chairs, wardrobes, boards, tiles, spoons, baskets and the likes. Moreover, it is good to have business which is related to maple. You can be very rich if you make maple based products or become a maple farmer. Maple wood is considered beautiful by many wood lovers around the world.

Sadly, maple trees cannot live for good. They will die someday. Nonetheless, you can plant the new ones. For a maple farmer or just a maple lover, you need to know some signs that maple trees will show you before they die. The signs are pretty clear to see. You need not be a tree expert to do so. A novice can see them too, including you.

Wilting and Yellowing Leaves

All of the leaves will wilt and turn to yellow when the tree is near death. Spil-blund fungi cause this situation. Kill them all to prevent death for some period of time. At least, the infected tree will not die tomorrow.

Black Spot and Discoloration on Leaves

Fungi make this situation occur. Blast them off with right chemical.

Leaves Loss

There are so many leaves fall off the maple tree. If you see this happening, pray for the tree and say goodbye.

Dying Young Branches

Many young branches die too often. Once again, fungi is the bad boy behind all of these chaotic situations. Kill the fungi without mercy.

Powdery Black Mold on Leaves

If you see the leaves turning to black by mold, it is a clear indicator that the maple trees will die. Insects secretion or fungi makes this happens.

Rotting Roots

Roots of the tree rot rapidly. This situation occurs due to the action of mold especially in wet season.


You will see dieback around the crown or some parts of the tree easily. Fungi make it all.


The leaves turn to brown and dry. The maples trees will surely die if you see this happening.

Pear Thrips

Winged brown insects destroy the maple trees. Kill them all by spraying perfect substance.


Termites will ruin the maple trees. They destroy the trees without no mercy. They look black, green, brown or red.


Some organism will destroy the trees. Fungi and algae are the ones which do it all.


You will see brown spot or tan near the leaves. Fungi do it all. Kill them all and save the trees.


If you see those signs appearing on maple trees, no need to worry. They will rest in peace for good. If the tree is dead, call your local tree removal specialist.

You can plant new ones. Maple farmers need to take care of the trees with heart and soul. Pay attention to whatever is harmful to maple trees. It is not difficult to grow maple trees. Be patient and see the result coming in your wonderful life. Love maple trees for the sake of the earth and human civilization. Have a nice planting and take care of your trees.

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