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Updating Kitchen Design and Plumbing for Less Maintenance

Updating Kitchen Design and Plumbing for Less Maintenance

Plumbing and low maintenance solutions in the kitchen can go far beyond simply fixing a leaky faucet. Not only is it important to keep your kitchen up to code, but there are many plumbing and design options today that can make your kitchen stand up better to daily wear and tear. Plus, there are new conveniences that you may have never thought of before.

Choosing a Lasting, Easy Clean Counter-top

When choosing a quality counter top, look at design, durability, and maintenance. Who wants a counter-top that is a pain to clean when it’s something you’ll likely be cleaning several times daily?  At times, residential fuel delivery can cause spillover to counter-tops.

When looking at materials that fit the bill, quartz definitely surpasses most equally popular choices. This material is extremely durable. It also has a desirable look (comparable to or greater than that of granite) and is very easy to clean and maintain.

If quartz just isn’t your budget, your contractor can help you find the closest comparable options that are within your budget (such as polished granite, laminate counter-tops, wood, marble, honed granite, or stainless steel). These won’t give you standards as high as quartz. However, they do come close for a fraction of the price.

Sink Design and Material Makes a Difference

Many kitchens use stainless steel, fiberglass, and porcelain options. But did you know there were just as many choices out there for kitchen sinks as there are for bathrooms? Your kitchen is one room that gets used at least once per day, but generally, it’s several times over for many people. This is why it’s important to choose materials that are long-lasting, as well as effective at doing what you need them to.

Stone sinks are growing more popular, as consumers look for more choices. Soapstone is a high quality stone that is heat resistant and won’t stain or etch. This is highly recommended if you’re looking for the most durable choice. Other stones to consider include limestone, honed granite, and marble. Those are slightly more difficult to maintain than soapstone, but not very difficult.

If you prefer metals, try looking at copper sinks instead of stainless steel choices, as the durability and ease of maintenance may surprise you. One benefits of copper includes the aging effect that makes it more beautiful over time, similar to patina.  Also extremely desirable are its bacteria-resistant qualities. The nature of this material is said to naturally have less bacteria buildup than in many others.

Plumbing Matters

When it comes to choosing the proper piping, you need to ensure it follows all the current plumbing code standards. Generally, the p-trap and related pipes and fittings for sale in your local home improvement store will be up to code. PVC, polypropylene, plastic, and ABS are some of the more popular choices. But again, be sure to talk with your contractor to ensure the right materials are being used for the right purpose and standards. If your plumbing is up to code, then you most likely have the highest functional quality available.

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